Tekken 6

November 27, 2009

i have played the entire tekken series, and this is one of my fav tekken series. i love the new take on old characters and the gameplay simply rockz.

it is on par with sf4, but the fighting mechanic’s is alot different from your usual bash em up arcade fighter, this time around in tekken 6, we have jin as the bad guy and all tekken fans know that jin has always been the good guy in the tekken series. not only does tekken 6 feature jin as a baddie, but now his dad must find a way to stop his wayward son.

alot of new characters are introduced in tekken 6, the one to look out for is christie montiero a student of eddy gordo, and fellow capoeira practioner, and we also have a super heavyweight fighter in bob. the other characters return, such as king the 2nd and law.

i highly recommend this fighter to all fighter fans, you won’t be disappointed in purchasing this game. i rate the game 7 outta 10, only for one reason i give it 7, it’s because i prefer sf4 to tekken 6. here is a intro video of the game.


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